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Mason Jars are your friend!


Mason Jars people! So versatile! Soakining your meals (as I mentioned last week) makes all the difference. What better container to use than a Mason Jar? I usually have a Hearty Meal for lunch while I am at work. I like to add the water and meal to my Mason Jar in the morning, put on the lid, and pack it to-go!

Great things about Mason Jars:

1. Leak proof! -- Great for travel, keeps things fresh!

2. Glass instead of plastic -- go right from soaking to the microwave! No leeching of chemicals into your food!

3. Most Mason Jars have measurement lines right on the jar to make it easy to add water for your meals

4. The come in all shapes and sizes for different needs --- On some of the Medifast packages it says to make the meal in a deep container. Never overflow in the microwave again with a tall Mason Jar.

5. They are easy to find and cheap -- go to a local Goodwill I bet you find at least 5 ... unless I was just there ;-)

6. They have many other good uses

7. They are totally trendy right now ;-)

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