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Friday Fun Day!: Red Robin


Not only is Red Robin yummy but they are healthy lifestyle friendly! You can put whatever you would like on a BURGER or sandwich (ie pick of cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, guac, chicken breast/turkey/beef/veggie burger, what ever you like!). But the best part is you can make any burger or sandwich into a Wedgie. "What is a Wedgie?" you ask. It is essentially making it into a lettuce wrap! That what I said ANY sandwich! HALLELUJAH! <thee angels sing in chorus> Finally a restaurant that gets it! "But" you say, "they have endless fries" <Insert sad face here> Don't you worry my friend! Turn that frown upside down! They have endless steamed broccoli as well; You may rejoice once again!

Wedgie Burger with side of steamed Broccoli

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